You are one of the first inventors. Unfortunately you were forgotten in history. Why ?
You were building flying machine using hamsters as ultimate source of power. You kept it hidden from sights of other humans and animals in your own cave. On the day you went to present your machine to others, you found out trolls have gotten into your cave and destroyed it.

The world is waiting to see your magnificent construct, can you fix it in time or will you be forgotten forever ?

Developed by - Luco (Programmer), Orcist (Programmer), Pinto (Programmer), Wryxo (Programmer)
Game Design - Everyone
Code - Luco, Orcist
Art - Pinto
Sounds - Orcist
Music - Pinto
Level Design, Carried - Wryxo


Download 27 MB
Download 27 MB
Download 15 MB
Download 13 MB

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